B/W TV Demonstrator

* B/W TV Trainer: 14” monitor.

* B/W pattern Generator

 The trainer helps to studies :

  1. Different sections of a black and white TV receiver.
  2. Measurement of vertical sync., Horizontal sink, Horizontal Oscillator, Vertical blanking and Scanning frequency;
  3. Measurement of picture to sink ratio ( P / S ratio ).
  4. Identify faulty sections by simulating faults through SPDT switches.

Microtech Industries make Black & White TV Receiver Demonstrator Kit is a comprehensive trainer.  Provision for measurements of all important test points viz, Composite video signal, IF signal, Sound detector, Sound driver, Sound amplifier output, vertical sync, Horizontal sync, AFC, horizontal oscillator, Horizontal driver, Video output and Horizontal Blanking pulse in this trainer.  All these circuits are mounted on a single PCB. Hence all wiring mistakes are totally eliminated. Therefore the performance will be greatly enhanced. However performance of our TV Trainer may vary in operation compared to commercial TV Receivers.


Technical Specifications:

CCIR standards

Lines                                  :     625

Picture IF                         :     38.90 MHz

Sound IF                           :     33.40 MHz

Video Band Width         :     6 MHz

Inter carrier sound I.F  :     5.5 MHz

Channels                           :     Two

Types of Modulation

Picture                       :     Amplitude Modulated

Sound                        :     Frequenncy  Modulated

Power supply         :     SMPS 

Tuner                         :     Multichannel turret type

Test points and controls are available at respective points in the stage wise.

 B/W Pattern Generator



 Additional accessories required :

  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope


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