Single Channel Data Acquisition System [DAS]

Microtech Industries manufacture Data Acquisition System product for developing ultimate instrument solutions. These solution measure and control of signal in test, measurement and Industrial Automation applications.

A single channel data acquisition system (DAS) consists of a signal conditioner followed by an Analog to Digital converter, performing repetitive conversions at a user defined rate. The digital outputs are stored in the computer.

 The systems contains :

  • External single channel DAS with RS232, USB interface
  • Software

 Specifications :

  1. Single channel :  10 bit resolution.
  2. Data collection speed : 10 sample / sec (max) . Any lower value can be set also.
  3. Analog input : 0 to 5V.
  4. On line & real time Graphical display.
  5. Save the data in hard disk in a ascii file which can be imported to other program (like excel, origin).
  6. Look up Table to interpret data in actual physical parameters.
  7. Max, Min, Range, sd.
  8. Power Spectrum (with FFT).
  9. Graphical display of channels data against time.

 Operating system :

  • Window XP.

We are ready to incorporate any kind of customization suggested by client against extra cost.


 Additional Accessory required :

  • Computer with RS232 or USB port


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