Sixteen Channel Data Acquisition System [DAS]

Microtech Industries  manufacture Data Acquisition System product for developing ultimate instrument solutions. These solutions measure a wide range of signals for both test and measurement  and Industrial  applications. The three components of DAS based solutions are Hardware , Driver Software and Application Software. As these components should  work together, our hardware products are designed and tested with the driver and application software for integrated performance under Windows 98 /XP/ 7.  A sixteen  channels data acquisition system (DAS) consists of a signal conditioner followed by an Analog to Digital converter. The digital outputs are stored in the computer.

 The systems contains

  • External sixteen  channel DAS
  • Software


  1. 16 channels 10  bit resolution.
  2. Data collection speed : variable (max 15 sample / sec).
  3. Analog input : 0 to 5V.
  4. On line & real time Graphical display of 16 channels.
  5. Calibration Factor : Suitable user defined multiplication factor can be set to get the actual physical measurement; Additive and Multiplicative.
  6. Provisions for start and stop facilities.
  7. Saving of data in user defined file name in text ( ASCII) format.
  8. Save data can be imported in Excel for other analysis.
  9. Calculation of Statistical parameters, viz. Mean, Variance, S.D, Histogram, Cp and Cpk.
  10. Selection of  cutoff point.
  11. X-Y Plot.
  12. FFT.
  13. Zoom facility for any channel.
  14. Print of zoomed graph with proper title.
  15. Graphical View, Data View, Meter View.

 Operating system:

  • Windows 98 / XP / 7
  1. DAS Interface software
  2. DAS statistical software


We are ready to incorporate any kind of customization suggested by client against extra cost.


 Additional Accessory required:

  • Computer with RS232 or USB port


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