Frequency Division Multiplexing [FDM] Telemetry System

 The FDM Telemetry system contains four major blocks_

  1. Thermocouple Trainer

The single board trainer with steel case and integral power supply helps to study the characteristics of the Thermocouple.

The trainer consists of the following specifications:

  1. Transducer  : Thermocouple ( K type )
  2. Temperature bath :Temperature control bath.
  3. Temperature range :   Ambient temperature to 400 degree centigrade
  4. Output  :Measured by Digital meter
  5. Temperature indicator :Digital 3 ½ digit 


  1. Semiconductor temperature sensor trainer

The trainer helps to study Temperature vs. current characteristics of a semiconductor temperature sensor.

The trainer contains

  1. Oven
  2. Temperature controller
  3. Temperature indicator
  4. IC regulated power supply
  5. Provision for zero and span adjustment
  6. Digital meter
  7. Temperature sensor AD590


  1. Frequency Division Multiplexing Trainer

The single board trainer helps to study Frequency Division Multiplexing for two channels.  The trainer contains IC regulated power supply, two VCO modules and adder circuit.

Input : (i) Signal conditioner output of the Thermocouple

           (ii) Signal conditioner output of the Semiconductor temperature sensor.


  1. Frequency Division Demultiplexing Trainer

The single board trainer helps to study Frequency Division Demultiplexing and signal recovers from two channels Frequency Division Multiplexing trainer. The trainer contains I.C regulated power supply, BPFs and amplifiers.


Additional Accessory required  

  • Dual trace Oscilloscope


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