Closed Loop Remote Control System

A small furnace is controlled by FM based remote operation. A Thermocouple is used for measurement of temperature and its millivolt output is enhanced by an Amplifier. The amplifier output directly fed into the FM modulated circuit. The information carried over remotely placed ( about 20 meters )  Receiver.
At the receiver end, the demodulated portion decodes the information, amplifies and display. As per information the modulator at the receiver end transmit another FM wave to the controller of the transmitter for taking necessary steps.
The FM wave control the Thyristor drive control circuit as well as furnace temperature.

   The system contains two Transreceivers  
A.    Transreceiver 1
i)    Muffle Furnace : 800 0C
ii)    Thyristor Drive  Furnace Controller
iii)    Thermocouple       2 Nos.
iv)    Thermocouple Signal Conditioner
v)    Amplifier
vi)    FM  Transmitter
vii)    FM Receiver

B.    Transreceiver 2
i)    FM Receiver
ii)    FM transmitter
iii)    Amplifier
iv)    Frequency to Voltage converter
v)    Temperature indicator
vi)    PID Control Circuit

C.MilliVolt Generator


 Additional Accessory required :

  • Dual channel oscilloscope (20 MHz)


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