Bio – Telemetry System

Study of Bio – Telemetry system

Physiological parameters adaptable to biotelemetry can be broadly classified in two ways:

  1. Bioelectrical parameters like ECG
  2. Physiological variables like Body temperatures and pulse rate.

The first category signals are in the electrical form, but the second category signals have to be sensed and converted into electrical signal using resistive, capacitive and inductive transducers. The signals obtained from these transducers can be calibrated to represent the temperature and pressure. The signal obtained from the transducer or electrode is amplified and converted into a form of code that can be transmitted. The transmitted signal received at the receiving end will be decoded to get back the original form. The coding, transmission and decoding processes may involve amplification also. If the data will be useful for future use then it can be stored.

Measurement of Physiological parameters through wireless Telemetry system :

  1. Electro Cardiograph
  2. Body Temperature
  3. Pulse rate


  1. Electro Cardiograph measurement using ECG sensor
  2. Body temperature measurement using semiconductor temperature sensor.
  3. Pulse Rate measurement using Heart Beat Pulse Rate Sensor.


Signal conditioner :

  • 3 Nos.

Data Acquisition System :

  • Multiplexer with Microcontroller based DAS

Wireless Communication :

  • Wireless LAN

Additional Accessories Required:

Computer with XP                   2 Nos.


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