Computer Control Wireless Telemetry System

Study of Computerized Control Wireless Telemetry System

The Microtech Industries make Computerized Control Wireless Telemetry System has three basic building blocks, viz, Process measurements & control remotely, computer with LAN and software for total control of the process.

For process measurement and control, three types of widely used Process variables as follows are used in this system.

  1. Furnace temperature measurement and control
  2. DC Motor Speed control and
  3. Light intensity measurement and control.

The total system consists of

  1. Furnace temperature controller :
  1. Forced cooling Furnace  : Maximum temperature 500 degree centigrade .
  2. Thermocouple : K  type , dual element , length 6 inches .
  3. Digital temperature indicator
  4. Thermocouple output amplifier
  5. Thyristor drives Furnace controller
  6. Voltage to current converter (V /I ) .
  1. Light Intensity Controller :
  1. White LED : High intensity
  2. Photodiode assembly
  3. Current to Voltage Converter ( I/V)
  4. Voltage to Current Converter ( V/I)
  5. Current controller
  1. DC Motor Speed controller:
  1. DC Servo motor with slotted optosensor
  2. Eddy current  break arrangement
  3. Signal conditioner
  4. Voltage to Current Converter ( V/I)
  5. Motor drives
  1. Microcontroller based Data Acquisition System.
  • Three nos input channel
  • Three nos output channel
  1. LAN system with WiFi hub.
  1. Application Software

Additional Accessories Required:

  • Computer with XP      2 Nos.


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