Data Communication Through Fiber Optics Link

This trainer kit  is the base-line for every fiber optic laboratory. It demonstrates state-of-the-art concepts in fibre optic communications. It provides for easy experimentation and effectively bridges the gap between a leading-edge technology and currently available technical training tools. As the concepts demonstrated are no different from those encountered in real-life systems, it can provide significant insights, of direct relevance, to the student and practicing engineers alike.

The following experiments to be done :

  • Experiment No.1

To measure the Numerical Aperture (N.A) of the given fiber cable.

  • Experiment No.2

Losses in optical fiber.

  • Experiment No.3

Loss due to air gap with in line adapter.

  • Experiment No.4

Determination of bending loss in Optical fiber.

  • Experiment No.5

Analog communication : Measurement of system Bandwidth.

  • Experiment No.6

Digital Communication Measurement of system Bandwidth

Performance testing

Measurement of Eye Pattern

Fiber Optics Link Design: Power Budget Calculation

  • Experiment No.7

PC to PC Data communication through Fiber Optic link.


The setup consists of :

  1. LED Source with variable intensity control
  2. LED mount
  3. Optical Power meter
  4. Optical fiber cable 1m
  5. Optical Fiber cable 5 m
  6. Inline adaptor
  7. Mechanical jig.
  8. Screen
  9. Mandrel
  10. Photo detector with mount
  11. F.O. Analog Modulator
  12. F.O. Analog Demodulator
  13. F.O. Digital Modulator
  14. F.O. Digital Demodulator
  15. Data generator
  16. PRBS Generator
  17. USB Transmitter
  18. USB Receiver
  19. T connector


 Additional accessories required :

  • Function Generator
  • DSO
  • Laptop or Computer  2 nos.



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