PID Controller - "Furnace Temperature Control" ( Model-I )

To study open loop control of any physical control system and study of closed loop control of the same system using P, PI and PID controller

Furnace Temperature Control using PID control method.

The system consists of a forced cooling furnace  with microcontroller based PID controller and software. The PID controller interface with computer using RS232 or USB communication port. The software based control system controls the temperature of a furnace using PID method and also evaluates the values of P, I and D.

Forced cooling system applied for creation of disturbance.


The following experiments to be performed :

  1. Open Loop Control system
  2. Close loop control system including P, I and D.
  3. Forced cooling system on furnace temperature  and PID control action.
  4. Evaluation technique of P, I and D  using N- Z method.


The system consists of :

  1. Forced cooling furnace with dual K type Thermocouple.
  2. Thyristor drives for oven temperature control.
  3. Microcontroller based PID Controller and data acquisition system.
  4. Digital AC Ammeter and Voltmeter.
  5. 16x2 matrix display shows values of P, I, D and temperature.
  6. Software.


 Additional accessory required :

  • Computer with XP, 7 and RS232 port or USB port


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